Dark Phoenix: 10 Facts About Jean Grey

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This year’s Dark Phoenix marks both the end of Fox’s long-running X-Men series and the second adaptation of the critically acclaimed and beloved X-Men comic arc The Dark Phoenix Saga. Unlike X-Men III: The Last Stand, which only took elements of the source material, Dark Phoenix will be a loose but closer adaptation of the famous comic storyline.


In Dark Phoenix, Jean learns more about the cosmic powers inside her through the D’Bari leader Vuk and her loyalists. Here, the D’Bari are an alien race that seek to use the cosmic powers within Jean to revive their planet.

However, they had almost nothing to do with the Dark Phoenix. Originally, the peaceful D’Bari are Dark Phoenix’s first victims when their star system is wiped out after she ate their sun by making it go super-nova. Their only purpose in the Dark Phoenix Saga was to establish stakes and give Jean a body count of more than 5 billion.